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Candle Ingredients & Care

Candle Ingredients & Care

LITTLE SUN CANDLE is making smell good feel good for the planet by using all natural ingredients to create our products hemp wicks for cleaner burning and reusable glass containers with metal lids.


LITTLE SUN CANDLE strives to be an eco friendly company bringing you the cleanest most sustainable candles possible and for this, we use a soy and beeswax blend. All of our products are made with recyclable materials, including glass jars and metal lids that can be reused after your candle or incense are finished.


To ensure a great burn each time you light your little sun, trim your wick to ¼” before lighting using a wick trimmer. This prevents excess smoke, overheating and mushrooming of the wick. After extinguishing your candles flame make sure your wick is upright and centered in your jar.


Your candle’s first burn is the most important- it should burn the minimum amount of time it takes to melt the full surface area of the top of the candle. This prevents tunneling and ensures you the longest burn and most good smells.


Make sure your candle is always on a heat safe surface and away from hanging objects such as curtains and little humans and pets.


Little suns are created to be loved, so enjoy the burn.