Clay Face Masks

Clay Face Masks

Oh how I love clay face masks! There's so many great options out there that it can be difficult to decide where to start, so let's just chat about masks in general for a sec. Ideal for normal to oily skin types because clay masks have a drying agent (which you’ll notice if you ever leave one on for over 15 or so minutes) though, a clay mask can benefit any skin type. Clays help remove sebum it oil from the skins surface and prevent breakouts. There is a lot of clay out there! To shorten this list I’ll go over clays I’ve used personally a little more in depth and just name a few others I’ve heard about but have yet to try.


🟫 Bentonite clay: You’ve probably also heard it called Aztec clay, and the most popular of them all being used in a wide range of products from hair masks to toothpastes. It forms from volcanic ash and gets its name from Fort Benton in Wyoming where this Clay is found in abundance. Bentonite's outstanding quality is its ability to detoxify! A major reason it is such an effective face mask ingredient. It’s gentle enough to mask your face yet strong enough to mask even your armpits and feet... oh yeah, it’s that good!

AKA: Aztec Clay


🟥 Rhassoul Clay: A brown clay found in the Altas mountains of Morocco, it has a beautiful deep warm reddish brown color- it simply looks magical ✨ Rich in Magnesium and Potassium, this clays superpower is reducing signs of aging! By gentle exfoliation this clay improves the smoothness of the skins surface, tightening pores and evening skin texture.

AKA: Moroccan Red Clay, Ghassoul Clay


⬜️ Kaolinite Clay: This Clay has the fluffiest texture which makes it the most difficult to mix/blend. It’s great for repairing skin so any of you with acne scars or have skin which has been damaged by frequent acne outbreaks, this is your clay. Also great as a preventative, absorbing excess oil for those with oily skin, preventing breakouts before they even start.

AKA: Kaolin Clay, Porcelain clay, China clay


Some clays I have yet to try are French pink clay, Montmorillonite Clay, French Green Zeolite Clay, Yellow Clay, Rose Clay, Sea Clay & there’s still so many more!