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How to Care Candle Tips:

How to Care Candle Tips:

1. Read and follow the safety instructions included with your candle


2. The first burn is the most important so, when lighting a candle for the first time, ensure it burns long enough to melt the entire surface area of the candle, this make take a few hours, but will prevent tunneling (when the candle burns a narrow tunnel closest to the wick) and create an even burn for the candle’s use.


3. Trim wick shorter than 1cm prior to each burn to encourage a steady flame, even burn, limited sooting a wick mushrooming. If you notice your candle is leaving a black rim around the container, extinguish your flame, allow the candle to cool and wipe the soot from the jar, trim wick and relight.


4. Keep the pool of wax free of all debris including wick trimming, matches, etc. This is better for your candle, plus it looks much nicer!


5. There are many ways to extinguish a flame that do not include all the huffing and puffing and smoke. Next time you go to blow out a candle, consider snuffing it instead by placing a non-flammable object (such as a bowl, small plate, or snuffer) over the jar in order to take away the flames vital oxygen supply. Slowly the flame will begin to weaken until it eventually extinguishes with no smoke as a result of blowing out the flame.


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