Meet your Little Sun Candle Maker

Hi shining lights!


My name is Chaselle. Making natural smell goods brings me joy and also, I think, sanity. The outdoors and physical activities breathe life into my daily routine. My favorite part about outside is the way the sunshine touches my skin. It’s like being wrapped in the warmest cuddliest blanket that ever existed which is why it’s one of my most favorite feelings in the whole wide world. When I’m not making candles I’m jumping, practicing yoga or sleeping. I pride myself on being an excellent sleeper, especially after learning the benefits of getting good ass sleep. It is an experience I would wish upon everyone, every night. With my growing awareness of the myself, Earth’s environment, and wellness I began creating my own products, of any kind really, at home. From lotions to laundry detergents I was making it all, when my DIY adventures poured over into different waxes I began experimenting and creating candles. What started as fun smell goods illuminated into Little Sun Candle; sustainable smell good products that are produced of and fragrant like the natural earth we come from. Each product is designed to create a personal experience for you and I am delighted to share my energy with the world.