Why Little Suns Love Beeswax - LITTLE SUN CANDLE

Why Little Suns Love Beeswax

Why Little Suns Love Beeswax

5 Reasons to burn Beeswax Candles


A couple things to know so you can understand why burning beeswax candles is better… better than what? As a candle’s wick burns, the flame heats the wax around it causing the solid wax to melt into a liquid. The wick’s flame acts as a straw pulling the liquid upward until the heat of the flame vaporizes the liquid into a gas (becoming part of the air you breathe in). Candles can be made up of many substances, but most commonly paraffin wax, soy wax and beeswax are found in stores and online.


1. Purifies air- Allergy Buster

We know that as a candle burns the materials it is made of are liquefied and burned into a gas as part of our air. Most all candles will contribute to your air, but only beeswax candles hold the power to take something away. Beeswax is special because it burns with a natural light scent of honey and also removes dirty positively charged ions from floating in space. As beeswax burns it is the only wax that releases negatively charged ions, drifting through the air they attach to positively charged ions such as dust, dander and yes, even pollen, to neutralize them making the ions drop on the ground in defeat, no longer presenting a hazard for the air you are breathing in. Unless, you are rolling around on your floor, which is fine, do you, I would just recommend cleaning first.


2. Naturally Scented

Naturally full of the scent of their makers’ hive, thank goodness, beeswax smells like honey and honey smells gooood! Both soy and paraffin wax do not naturally carry a scent, or a pleasant one anyway, and if you would like to have some smell good in your life with these candles then you are going to need some outside help. Not a major setback, but still a downside. Vegetable based candles and paraffin wax will begin to deteriorate over time and can eventually become rancid. The addition of chemicals preservatives are often used to extend the self-life of candles as well as combat the destructive properties of inorganic fragrances and dyes which can break down candle wax compositions.


3. Beeswax burns bright

While you are enjoying your beeswax candles you may notice that they burn brighter than your other candles. Why is this? Beeswax candles emit light from the same spectrum as the sun so these candles also burn warmer than others. See the fun in nature? Your beeswax candle is essentially your own little sun.


4. Beeswax burns slow

Beeswax has a higher melting point than vegetable based and paraffin wax candles meaning that candles made of beeswax will burn slower than its rivals- offering you more time to enjoy the scents you love. This is perfect especially for those who enjoy pillar candles the slow burning properties of beeswax keep these candles from dripping and potentially making a mess which is common of candles made of waxes with lower melting points.


5. Will not go bad

Just like the other lovely bee created gift of honey- beeswax does not go bad. Overtime artificially scented and dyed candles can lose their pizzazz as their fragrance weakens and colors fade away. Beeswax candle users will not experience this problem as beeswax contains bee pollen and propolis- the natural fragrance and dye within beeswax that keep your beeswax, beeswax-y!