Why Won’t My Candle Burn? 👿 - LITTLE SUN CANDLE

Why Won’t My Candle Burn? 👿

Why Won’t My Candle Burn? 👿

Hmmm... there could be many reasons!


1. Candle was not allotted enough time for the complete surface to melt the candle’s first burn. This can cause the amount of wax to overwhelm the wick, drowning it and making it very difficult to light and keep lit.


2. Not trimming the wick. Is it falling over into the wax never to be found again after it solidifies? Yikes!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Get a wick dipper or similar item

  2. Using a flame soften and melt the wax in the center of the candle

  3. once you spot the wick use your tool to stand it up (some wick may break off during this process, be gentle)

  4. one enough wick is showing light your candle and enjoy!


3. Trimming your wick too short. Same result as #1.


4. It’s done! You’ve reached the end of your candle wick and while you might see some more wax in the bottom of the jar the candle will no longer burn.