SILENCE Little Sun Candle

This light is free of added fragrance though beeswax naturally carries a gentle scent of honey. With the same amount of warm and comfort as any Little Sun, without the added scent. Yes, the smell of a candle is crafted to be enjoyed, and just as important is the fuzzy feeling your light brings to the environment.

Smells like: Beeswax + Honey



Strike a match and behold the bold blue flames that flicker within the heart of your Little Sun Candle. Hand poured natural wax blend in cool cobalt glass jars boasts a modern style perfect for any space. Little sun's long lasting light originates from its core, a slow burning hemp wick which houses an even bigger treat- scents inspired by Mother Earth. Relax and enjoy the natural ambiance provided by your own little sun.

Made in Jacksonville, Florida from our unique coconut and beeswax blend producing an eco-friendly candle with a clean burn. Little suns use lead-free hemp wicks primed in beeswax and premium fragrance and essential oils. No additives, dyes, preservatives, lead, phthalates, or petroleum.


  • Diameter: 2.88 in
  • Height: 3.5 in
  • Net Wt: 1 lb
  • Burn time: Up to 55 hours